Suicide Prevention Centers & Suicide Prevention Hotlines

Do you feel you have tried everything, and nothing makes pain go away?

Do you feel like your answer is suicide?

Then please just take one minute and dial 1-800-SUICIDE

It definitely cannot hurt you any more...

Please let that not be your answer. If you or someone you know asks these same questions everyday try to find suicide help hotline. The most important thing to remember when helping a loved one cope with suicide or suicidal thoughts is to make sure you understand how they feel. Talk to your loved one about their thoughts on suicide. Be sure you understand and believe that they are actually considering suicide, and do not take it lightly. Genuine concern can be the first step in gaining suicide help.

If you are about to help a loved one about their thoughts of suicide, you must approach them with the utmost of depth and sincerity. If your friend is seeking suicide help that is beyond your abilities, make sure you get the the suicide help that they need. Suicide is by no means something that should be taken lightly, and a simple "I Love You" may not be enough suicide help, but if you continue to show your concern for their suicidal thoughts, you can help them make the decision to get suicide help.

If you have had a serious conversation with a loved one about their thoughts about suicide, make sure you are very well aware about how to talk with them about suicide prevention. Suicide prevention may be the way to save a persons life. If you know how to speak with someone considering suicide, then you are well on your way to having that conversation about suicide prevention.

If you know someone who has recently suffered a loss, or someone who has been going through a tough time, suicide prevention programs can teach you how to best deal with a friend in need. If you feel as though your suicide prevention training is not sufficient enough in saving a life, you can always refer a friend to a suicide hotline. Another feature about a suicide hotline, is that you can report a loved one. The suicide hotline can then reach out to your loved one to try and help them. The suicide hotline can also provide you with suicide prevention tips, so you can continue to provide your loved one with the support they may need. The suicide hotline is only step one, but it is the right step to take. If you find that the suicide hotline cannot help your loved one, then please do not hesitate to contact a licenced professional, who knows how to help.

Suicide Prevention Centers & Suicide Prevention Hotlines

If you or someone you know has been very depressed lately and have a deep sense of hopelessness and have threatened suicide there are many suicide prevention centers and suicide prevention hotlines at your disposal. There are national suicide prevention centers that offer counseling for those who contemplate or attempt suicide. Suicide prevention hotlines are available at all hours of the day throughout the year. Suicide prevention hotlines will help coach you or someone you know from making such a rash decision and offer support and counsel to help people though whatever crises they are currently experiencing. Suicide Prevention Centers are found worldwide, in the United States there are a slew of national and regional organizations. Suicide prevention centers offer support for people suffering from depression, those who are contemplating suicide, suicide survivors, as well as many times offer advice to loved ones of those who have threatened suicide.

The biggest suicide prevention centers in the US are the Suicide Prevention Resource Center and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Both of these suicide prevention centers have suicide prevention hotlines. These suicide prevention hotlines are: 1-800-27-TALK and 1-800-SUICIDE. There are also many local suicide prevention centers and suicide prevention hotlines available for your use. Though suicide is a very delicate subject that is not openly discussed if you know somebody who may be thinking about suicide do not stand idly by. Encourage them to contact a suicide prevention center or suicide hotline or do so for them.

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It cannot be stressed enough that there are a plethora of resources and support services that you can turn to if you find yourself in this situation. Suicide prevention centers throughout the nation have their doors open for anyone in this position as well as others who find themselves in tough situations. Furthermore, suicide prevention hotlines are always available to those who need it so if you every find you or someone else you know in a similar situation it is imperative that you do not dismiss it. Suicide prevention centers and suicide prevention hotlines exist for the sole reason that this is a serious problem and their doors are always open.

There are many options available to you or your loved ones; so do not sit idly by. These resources exist for your benefit; they are there to give you hope and help you realize that better times are ahead.

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