Prevention of Suicide & College Suicides

Prevention of suicide in college students is extremely important is college suicide is the leading cause of death in students. Like is most suicide cases, the leading cause in college suicides is untreated depression. College suicides are most common among students that are quiet, reserved, depressed, and socially isolated. Fellow students can aid in the prevention of college students by reaching out to their classmates and peers and offer their friendship and support. It is important to be aware of these warning signs so that you can actively participate in the prevention of suicide. College suicides also stem from stress; extreme stress causes people to do irrational things. Students who are under pressure from parents, friends, and teachers may sometimes crack under the pressure.

College suicides may stem from their pressures to rise to the challenge and continuously try and better themselves. However, in the prevention of suicides and especially college suicides it is important to look at situations without your own personal bias. In terms of stress, what may stress you out may not stress someone else and out vice versa. Do not dismiss people when they are extremely stressed out because you wouldn't find their life stressful. More importantly, in the prevention of suicides in general as well as college suicides it is important to differentiate how other people respond to stress. While you may dig into a pint of Ben & Jerry's or blow of some steam at the gym others may handle it in a very different manner. In extreme cases, people may turn to drugs or spiral into depression which could cause college suicides. In the prevention of suicides it is important to continuously assess mental heath, and imperative that you talk to somebody and start making changes in your life that will have a positive effect on you. Prevention of suicide amongst college students can become a bigger success if campus counselors are publicized so to speak so that students know that there is an outlet if they ever need it.

Most colleges offer a counselor that will assist you free of charge so please go to them if you feel depresses or overwhelmed. Furthermore, it cannot be stated enough that the most important aspect in the prevention of suicides is to be aware. You need to be aware of changes in behaviors, attitudes, manner of speaking, outlook on life, and most especially it is not wise to tiptoe around the topic. If you are concerned about a loved one and college suicides talk to them to see if they are overwhelmed and encourage them to seek help. Not only do college campuses have counselors at your disposal but they have many clubs, and groups that you can join to make friends and gain support.

The prevention of suicide is a grave topic therefore does not receive much coverage but it is necessary to recognize the weight of the subject. Prevention of suicide in college students is an especially important matter because a huge contributor is stress that has many times been unintentionally placed on them by family members and friends. Prevention of suicide amongst college students as mentioned above is achieved by being there and being supportive. Like most suicide cases, they too need to know that they are not alone.