Suicide Prevention Foundations & Suicide Prevention Services

There are many suicide prevention foundations and suicide preventions located throughout the world. In the United States there are a few national suicide prevention foundations such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Suicide Prevention Services, The Kristin Brooks Hope Center, American Foundation Suicide Prevention and Suicide Awareness Voices of Education. These are national suicide prevention organizations however there are many local suicide prevention services as well. Places such as community centers and churches will many times offer suicide prevention services. Suicide Awareness Voices of Education is a suicide prevention foundation that targets a younger crowd as well as campaigns for awareness. They partners with bands as well as host fun events for fundraising as well as prevention.

Furthermore, emergency rooms also a form of suicide prevention services. In the United States, serious contemplation of suicide is viewed as a medical emergency and will be taken care of in an emergency room. There are also many psychologists, therapists, and counselors who specialize in suicide prevention services. The larger suicide prevention organizations listed above have hotlines that are accessible 24/7 and many will have local chapters that you can look to for suicide prevention services. For instance the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has various chapters both domestic and international listed on their website. If you decide to seek counsel earlier talk to a psychologist, religious adviser, therapist, counselor, or someone at suicide prevention center as these are all people that offer suicide prevention services. These suicide prevention foundations also offer hotlines that are always available to you.

Suicide Prevention Foundations are usually non profit organizations that are supported by corporate sponsorships and donations. Since they are not for profit suicide prevention foundations are also usually looking for extra funding so if you wish to support their cause visit any of the websites listed above and make a donation. Suicide prevention foundations also offer services other than the obvious, they offer counseling to people who have survived suicide, attempted suicide, veterans, loved ones of those who have committed suicide, and people seeking to help a loved one from committing suicide.

If you or someone you know is in this situation, there are many ways to get help so be sure to research places near you that offer suicide prevention services or a suicide prevention foundation near you or a hotline run by a suicide prevention foundation. There are also support groups and group therapy sessions that will specialize in suicide prevention services. These may an especially type of suicide prevention services as people realize they are not alone and many find themselves in a similar situation. They can rely on each other. Suicide prevention foundations may also offer similar services as well as one on one counseling.