Guideline for the suicide prevention in teenage


The habit of suicide attempts is not a usual habit in any case. People who want to do the suicide may suffer from mental issues, and at some time some people want to enjoy the pleasure of the suicide. And it is evident that it will not be a desire of a reasonable person so those people who have the craving like this then they must have some psychological issues. They don’t care about their beloved ones and they only do focus on the suicide attempts and search different methods of suicide attempts. Some suicide attempters do this again and again. The problem is also common in youngsters, so the guideline for the suicide prevention in teenage is here.

Availability of jobs

It is a natural fact that a male member of the family earns for the welfare of his family as he is the only caretaker of his family. Young youth get higher degrees to get a standard job, and at the end of the degree period, they become passionate and curious about their job. They don’t want to make a compromise with the standard of the job as they want to get the job according to their qualification.  So the availability of the jobs should be enough to the satisfaction of the young people and ultimately for the growth of the society.

Prevent Depression in teenage

Depression is common in youth with the elders. Depression starts due to some reason, and at the start, no one can’t precisely guess that the person is suffering from depression but with the passage of time, the symptoms become intense. Sometimes it has drastic results and suicide is the result of the depression. Owners of the family and people of the welfare organization have to take steps for the prevention of suicide in teenage.

Parents have to keep an eye on the company of youngsters

Some time growing kids enjoy the company of the young boys, and the young boys unintentionally do things in front of the kids which are not suitable for them. That is the general reason that kids become smokers or indulge in drug addiction. Survival of the life becomes difficult for the drug addict person without the drug. If they don’t get the drug, then they prefer to do the suicide, so it’s essential for the guardian of the kids that keep an eye on the company of their beloved kids. Because if parents have the awareness about the group of their kids than they have authority to prevent their children from the bad friendship.


Suicide is the common problem of the society and community. Prevention of suicide is an excellent step, and every responsible citizen of the nation has to play his role in this social issue. Don’t ignore the unusual habit of any person who is near to you. As a responsible citizen, you have to talk to them directly or may you can inform to their guardian, but silence will be the death of moral values of the society.

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