Suicide prevention

Unfortunately, suicide is considered by some people as the final solution to a situation they perceive as insurmountable. Some people try to commit suicide or think in one way or another to end their lives because they feel unable to face the difficulties of life. Suicide is a silent reality in modern societies. Despite not appearing every day in the media, the data on those who choose death before the pain of life is overwhelming

What is suicide?

Sometimes, negative feelings such as the rejection of others, the loss of a loved one or the pain of a breakup can act as triggers of suicide. Normally we have all experienced painful situations or that seem impossible to be solved in our life, but putting our priorities in perspective we have managed to overcome them, despite the suffering. So, what predisposes people to lose this perspective and not find another way out of the difficulties of life than that of committing suicide?

Prevention of suicide: aspects that we must take into account

It is clear that everyone, on a daily basis, we have many responsibilities, obligations, worries … We live in a present where, sometimes, we focus too much on ourselves and do not realize some things. You may know that one of your friends is a little off, that they have diagnosed depression. We trust that they are following a treatment and we tell ourselves that it will improve. However, without knowing very well how there comes a day when he takes a drastic option: suicide. Nor can we overlook our teenagers. suicide is among the 3 leading causes of death, and almost always affects young people, especially those between 15 and 44 years.

Data to be put on notice

  • We should know that a large part of people tend to “warn” that they are going to do it. They can verbalize phrases like “this life is not worth it”, “the best thing is to leave and forget everything”, “everything would be solved if I did not exist” …
  • Although many reveal their intentions, there is a part of the suicides who have never given clues, hence the difficulty and subsequent pain of the family had not intuited anything.
  • We must take any self-injurious behavior seriously. There are those who are injured, who seek danger in the car … We must be vigilant.
  • Many suicides occur at a time when the person seems to be fine. We trust each other because they seem to have recovered their strength. However, it is in these moments of greatest energy when they join the will and translate their destructive thoughts into action in the final step.
  • Suicidal thoughts come and go but, sometimes, when you find determination and feel safe and convinced is when you act.
  • We must always be very attentive and keep in mind that a depression is always a very complex existential moment where it takes many resources, a lot of help, a lot of support.

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