What Can You Do About Suicide Prevention Right Now

The suicide rate is increasing due to the number of reason. In a report, wealth health organization (WHO) states that the suicide rate will be 15 lacs per year within the next ten years.  International statistics indicate that the death rate has been 60 percent increased within the last 50 years mainly in advance countries. Suicide prevention is not only the responsibility of the government or social workers, but it’s the responsibility of every member of the society. The steps which an individual member can take for the suicide prevention are below.

Observe warning signs of the suicidal

Suicidal persons indicate some signs unintentionally. Like may they talk about death again and again or may they do feel hopeless? The most common indication is the occurrence of the laziness in the suicidal people. They don’t want to progress in life, and everything will be irritating for them. Any family member or friend can observe these types of things in their friends and family members. So friends and family members have to strictly follow such changes and don’t let it go if you as a friend find something like this.

Consider the personality changes in suicidal individual

Some phycologists say that the personality changes occur in the suicidal individual. Like those persons who want to attempt the suicide prefer to live alone, and they don’t want to participate in anything. Some lonely people think that the suicide is the solution to get rid of the loneliness. Family members have to notice the personality changes critically and have to take steps accordingly.

Talk openly with the person who is considering about suicide

Once, family members notice changes in the suicidal family member than they have to talk with him openly. They can ask him that why he or she wants to do this or what is the thing which is irritating for him, may he is unsatisfied with his life, may have some hurdles. If you get some point, then work on it but if not then consult with the psychologist for the prevention of the suicide.

Provide full support to the suicidal individual

To prevent a person from the suicide attempt, as a friend or family member you have to gain the trust of the suicidal person. You have to ensure him that you are here for him. You have to give support to such persons physically, mentally and verbally. You have to ensure to such type of people that the life is precious so don’t waste it and do some prosperous work in life. Try to guarantee them that the suicide is not the solution to the life’s problems.


Life of every human being is precious. Security of life is the demand of every society and in fact of every individual. Nobody wants to die happily, but some people do that due to some awful reason. The suicide prevention is not easy but not impossible.

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